Aeria Motus and Mahata Group Strategic Partnership

Aeria Interactive to bring Motus AI advertising technology and games to Mahata-powered airlines

Hamburg – April 2nd, 2019

Aeria motus (Aeria) and Mahata Group announce their official partnership to provide Ad-Serving technology for the management of personalized advertising. Mahata launched their wireless service earlier in January on Citilink Indonesia airlines, member of Garuda Indonesia Group, making it the first airline in Asia to offer free internet connectivity. Mahata Group and its connectivity and system partners Inmarsat and Lufthansa Systems reached an important milestone, with an impressive 80% passenger uptake of the service for the month.

Mahata Group and Aeria Motus

This strategic partnership will enable the integration of Motus AI, a revolutionary patented ad-serving technology that fuses the content stream with dynamic advertising placements, delivering an enhanced brand experience. Advertising brands and agencies will be able to make use of the technology to place, manage and track campaigns in real-time through a web browser or their own Demand Side Platform (DSP).

The integration will commence on the internet-connected aircraft of Citilink Indonesia followed by Garuda Indonesia Airlines, the national flag carrier of Indonesia and later Sriwijaya Air. The listed parent company known as the Garuda Indonesia Group, together with its subsidiaries is host to over 220 aircraft. Access to the lucrative Asian region in cooperation with Mahata Group enables other Aeria partner airlines to piggyback on the current volume of passengers served. This combined volume will increase the ad revenue generated per user, benefitting all stakeholders involved.

“This partnership is significant as it paves the way to expanding Mahata’s Group offering to its clients and increase our global presence. Mahata Group could as result extend its WiFi connectivity to interested Aeria Motus partners” - Iwan Setiawan, Managing Director of Mahata Group

“Aeria’s mission is to connect brands and travelers in an environment where the airlines can provide an exceptional experience to their passengers. Leveraging the synergies of both our companies to deliver rewarded advertising, it allows us to keep that brand promise and ultimately, drive revenue for our partners.”-Tammam Shaibani, CEO of Aeria Interactive.

Wi-Fi in the air is still considered costly and rare nowadays. By combining Mahata’s connectivity technology with Aeria’s ability to create ancillary revenue streams through the Motus Ai Ad-Serving tech and advertising opportunities, the partners move to revolutionize the industry by helping to eliminate the costs of wireless connectivity and entertainment.

With slim margins and the growing importance of ancillary revenues, airlines are constantly diversifying their offerings and searching for new streams of revenue. This partnership allows for both, greater customer satisfaction and the creation of new opportunities for revenue.

About Aeria motus

Aeria motus is a Berlin-based Travel Tech company powering content and advertising on entertainment platforms and traveler-owned devices. Aeria connects brands and users via Portals/Apps on the ground and in the sky, driving user engagement and partner revenue.

With the patented Motus AI technology, Aeria is the only company worldwide with agency approved offline validation trackers, offering all the targeting possibilities available in the online world today. Online-to-Offline handovers are quick to implement, taking as much as five seconds to capture and store advertiser landing pages and micro-sites for users to view in an offline environment.

About Mahata Group

Mahata Aero Teknologi a member of Mahata Group is the first Indonesian tech company in Asia to provide airline passengers with free inflight Wi-Fi connectivity and entertainment. Their technology provides a groundbreaking end-to-end solution for airlines, with the integration of an e-commerce platform, data relationship management and a decision support system for airline staff and crew members.

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